How should we frame talk on abortion post-Roe?

Going forward we need to be smart, loud and inclusive

Protesters outside the US Supreme Court holding placards that read I love someone who had an abortion, bans off my body and pro-science, pro-choice
Protesters outside the US Supreme Court in 2021
1. Be unapologetically pro-abortion

Abortion is healthcare and healthcare is a human right. This is the central argument we need to be making if we want to advocate for reproductive justice.

Anti-abortionists choose to frame the abortion ‘debate’ as one of morality because it invites reasonable people to consider artificial shades of appropriateness for what is essential medical care. This is a trap that we must not fall into.

It is not enough to believe that abortion should be permitted only in dire circumstances, such as rape, incest or when continuation of pregnancy threatens the life of the pregnant person. Invoking these distinctions only adds grist to the anti-abortionist mill as it implies that abortions obtained for other reasons are somehow wrong. Abortion is not wrong or immoral under any circumstances.

Going forward, we need to be unapologetically and unwaveringly pro-abortion to ensure that people consistently have access to the care they need when they need it.

2. Avoid using coat hanger imagery
3. Ensure that trans people are included in the movement
4. Respect the work of abortion funds
5. Don’t cite The Handmaid’s Tale
6. Be vocal about the successes we have had

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