How the British socialist fell in love with the German conservative

Angela Merkel in 2006
Angela Merkel at the Chancellory in 2006

This coming Sunday will mark the end of an era. Germany’s second-longest-serving Chancellor, Dr Angela Merkel will stand down after sixteen years. Since I moved to Germany in 2013, all I’ve ever known is Merkel. And in that time, I confess – I’ve caught feelings.

As a member of the British Labour Party since the day I turned 16 and the daughter of a former Labour Councillor, I’m a dyed-in-the-wool, bleeding-heart socialist. If you were to cut me open, I’d have ‘fuck the Tories’ written throughout like a stick of Blackpool rock. And yet, on Sunday night, I may well find myself shedding tears at the departure of a Conservative politician.

So how did it happen that, with such a background, I fell for Angela Merkel?

Our type on paper
A first flush of love
The seven year itch?
It’s complicated
The end of the affair

Weigh in! How do you think history will remember Angela Merkel? What are your wishes and expectations for the new government in Germany?

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